Mil Spec Anodizing

Mil Spec Anodizing Services

The military has developed a list of specific criteria for all approved aluminum anodizing processes. At Sapphire Metal Finishing we work with Mil Spec MIL-A-8625 and its recent revision, MIL-PRF-8625, aluminum anodizing specifications to provide our customers with consistent, controlled, and quality anodizing film on any part.

Using the mil spec anodizing process adds to the corrosion resistance of aluminum parts and components that are used across any industry. As a result, these anodized parts and components not only resist corrosion but are also designed to have a longer duty cycle due to less surface damage by abrasion. The Mil Spec 8625 criteria also means the part has greater dye performance and paint adhesion, other important factors for OEMs and others to consider.

Type II and Type III Anodizing

The Type II, Type II-B and Type III anodizing we provide at Sapphire Metal Finishing are designed to meet the requirements of Mil Spec 8625 and each of our customers. We ensure the right process is used for the specific part or component to provide the finished look, durability, hardness, insulating characteristics and corrosion resistance needed for the given application.

The primary differences between Type III and Type II anodizing are determined by the thickness, density, and natural color of the oxide layer. These, in turn, impact the appearance, the surface hardness and the corrosion and abrasion resistance of the film.

For more information on the mil spec anodizing services we offer at Sapphire Metal Finishing, call us today at 208-614-4050. We offer custom solutions for each customer, ensuring the finished surface meets your requirements and expectations.