Bead Blasting

The Functionality of Bead Blasting Aluminum

One of the challenges in creating aluminum parts and components is obtaining a consistent finish with the machining process. It is common for machined aluminum to show tool marks and blend lines. In most applications this is acceptable, but on some parts it may be undesirable. Other products require a non-reflective surface that cannot be achieved with the standard machining process.

Without treating the aluminum, the anodizing, as well as some powder coating and painting finishes will simply follow the lines of these imperfections, creating an unfinished appearance. To avoid these issues, Sapphire Metal Finishing provides glass bead blasting services to smooth out the surface effectively and efficiently.

The finish is typically matte, which lends itself well to parts where reflection and glint are undesirable.

The Process

Our bead blasting services are completed in-house, so we maintain full quality control over the process. Our blasters are automated and programmable creating a very consistent finish. We carefully select the correct pressure, blast times, and fixturing to create the desired surface effect on aluminum.

We only bead blast aluminum in our equipment, thus avoiding the visual defects in anodized parts caused by embedding contaminant metals such as iron in bead blasted aluminum parts.

We have limited-capacity bead blasting services that produce a part that is not matte, but still removes most machining marks. We will expand this specialized bead blasting capacity as demand increases.

To find out more about our glass bead blasting service, contact Sapphire Metal Finishing at 208-614-4050.