Type II Anodizing

Type II Anodizing at Sapphire Metal Finishing

At Sapphire Metal Finishing, we offer both Type II anodizing and Type IIB. Both are considered decorative anodizing solutions for various type of parts, alloys, and applications.

The Process Basics

Type II anodizing provides a coating thickness of 0.6 mils on the surface, which is ideal for preventing fading of color on dyed Type II films. The film is also more resistant to surface damage and abrasion, which makes it a good option for a wide variety of different parts and components. It is visually appealing, electrically insulates the aluminum surface, increases corrosion resistance and creates a low coefficient of friction on the surface.

The coatings are designed to increase the naturally occurring surface oxide layer’s thickness on the aluminum. They also provide a surface that readily absorbs the dye for brilliant, true colors. As a standard part of our services, Sapphire Metal Finishing includes sealing of parts after the anodization processes, which helps retain the dyes and limit color fading. We can also work with our customers if no seal or a special seal is required.

Type IIB anodizing is ideal for parts and components that are not exposed to outdoor environmental conditions. With a much thinner film of 0.25 mils, it is the ideal choice for any 2024 finishing requirements.

Our standard Type II anodizing process causes a negligible change in surface dimensions. This means that parts can be built to drawing without offsets and that critical dimensions do not need masking or plugging, which reduces visual defects and the final cost.

Sapphire Metal Finishing provides all Type II anodizing to Mil Spec 8625 Type II standards. We work closely with our clients to ensure the correct anodizing process is selected based on the final use for the parts.

For more information on Type II and Type IIB anodizing, call us today at 208-614-4050.