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Sapphire Metal Finishing specializes in aluminum anodizing and chemfilm.

We utilize lean manufacturing principles to deliver quality anodizing services with a quick turnaround.

Custom Aluminum Anodizing Service

Sapphire Metal Finishing offers a specialized aluminum anodizing service with a focus on creating the ideal solutions for the unique requirements of our customers. We work with OEMs, small businesses, manufacturers, and fabrication companies across industries to develop and produce the custom anodized aluminum components that meet or exceed their specifications and expectations.

Anodizing Films

We offer a variety of options in mil spec anodizing, including MIL-SPEC 8625 aluminum anodizing services. We provide Type II anodizing, which is more commonly known as decorative anodizing. With various dye options, it is the ideal choice for a durable, visually appealing finish. We also offer Type II-B, the ideal solution for finishes on 2024 or for thinner finishes. We offer a variety of colors of dye, and we work with customers to create the ideal color for their parts and components.

Our Type III anodizing film produces a hard finish at a variety of thickness levels. This is our recommendation if the surface needs to be resistant to abrasion. We use a true low-temperature Type III process that yields a very dense, hard, and wear resistant finish.

Chemical Conversion Coating and Bead Blasting

The chemfilm we offer meets MIL-DTL-5541F specifications. We provide Type II Class 1A and Class 3 film coating solutions. Class 1A provides the best levels of protection against corrosion, while Class 3 offers corrosion protection coupled with low electrical resistance.

To provide a consistent, matte finish on any of the parts and components we finish, glass bead blasting is a cost-effective option. Our blasters are automated, yielding very consistent finishes.

We can provide single orders or work with customers for ongoing part and component aluminum anodizing services.

When you require quality controlled custom anodized aluminum parts and components, call on the experience and the commitment to excellence offered at Sapphire Metal Finishings. To speak with a team member, give us a call at 208-614-4050.