Chemical Conversion Coatings

Our chemical film complies with MIL-DTL-5541F. 

Type II
Class 1A

Because it is nearly clear, Type II film is difficult to detect visually. Painted or unpainted, Class 1A offers maximum protection against corrosion.

Type II
Class 3

Also nearly clear, Class 3 film protects against corrosion while meeting low electrical resistance requirements.

Type I

At this time, Sapphire Metal Finishing does not offer Type 1 chemfilm because of the health risks and hazardous pollutants generated by the process.

Options In Aluminum Chemical Conversion Coatings

Sapphire Metal Finishing provides customers with several different options in aluminum chemical conversion coating. All aluminum conversion coatings are designed to add a layer of corrosion resistance and also to prepare the surface for painting or powder coating. We work closely with your team to ensure the correct trivalent chromate coating is selected to create the desired surface performance and characteristics.

Type II Class 1A

The option of the Type II Class 1A chromate conversion coating for aluminum parts and components is ideal when corrosion resistance is a critical concern. This is a nearly clear type of coating that can be left without paint or go through the painting or powder coating process.

Type II Class 3

Parts and components used in systems and equipment where low electrical resistance is a consideration can be coating using our Type III Class 3 coating. This chromate conversion coating is also nearly clear, making it an ideal option for a wide range of applications.

All our chem film for aluminum coating processes are compliant with MIL-DTL-5541F, frequently tested and carefully controlled. We also use state-of-the-art processes to ensure the safety of our workers and of the environment. We can process individual or prototype parts and components or work with OEMs, manufacturing companies, or other companies in the automotive or aerospace industry to provide consistent aluminum chemical conversion coating.

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